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Organisation Development, Process Facilitation, Training and Coaching.

Organisation Development

Organisation Development is a process, chosen by the client organisation and supported by an OD Practitioner. In this process a wide range of challenges and needs emerge. These could range from strategic and strategy issues, planning, implementation, monitoring, reviewing and evaluation needs. They could also range from the technical aspects of staffing, HR policy and practice, relationship building to conflict handling. It could also include issues of developing systems, changing structures, developing the governance system, developing management and leadership capacity and dealing with legal and fiduciary issues. And many more....

Our approach encourages the client to work WITH the footsteps  practitioner in order to build a joint understanding of the strengths and challenges facing the organisation as well as the possible steps needed to strengthen and deepen the organisation's work and effectiveness.

footsteps  practitioners have conducted processes with a wide range of clients across the world. Clients come from different sectors, face different challenges and find their own different solutions. However, what is always common is their intention to change and develop themselves to make a positive difference in the world.

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Training : Leadership Development for ECD and NPO's

LFA ( Logical Framework Approach) for Project Planning
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