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Introducing footsteps Publications

footsteps  publications have been developed over 15 years.They include practical ideas, theories and exercises for capacity building and Organisation Development (OD) etc. which are useful for organisations working at different levels and in various spheres of development.


These publications were initially developed by Olive (Organisation Development and Training). Olive closed in 2006 and the publications were then managed by the Project Preparation Trust (PPT). Recently PPT has handed the publications to footsteps  to ensure their continued development and distribution.

Project Planning Series:

  • Project Planning for Development   (R121.00)
  • Planning for Implementation   (R121.00)
  • Planning for Monitoring and Evaluation   (R121.00)

Facilitating Development Processes

           ( 8 part publication housed in a file) R150.
(NB: R150 includes: The branded FDP file; dividers; Introduction; and Part 1.
PDFs of Parts 2-8 will be emailed to the purchaser for downloading/printing when the file is dispatched for delivery)

Ideas for a Change series:

  • Overview: Ways of Seeing Organisations   (R 60.00)
  • Part 1: Strategic Processes (revised 3rd edition)   (R 60.00)
  • Part 2: Organisation Diagnosis   (R 60.00)
  • Part 3: Approaching Change   (R 60.00)
  • Part 4: Finding the Value of Resistance - Managing people in change   (R 60.00)
  • Part 5: Developing Policy   (R 60.00)
  • Part 6: Capacity Development   (R 60.00)
  • Part 7a: Developmental Partnerships- Beginning to work together (Out of print) FREE: Electronic copy download link   
  • Part 7b: Holding the Tensions - The balancing act of partnerships   (R 60.00) (Out of print) FREE : Electronic copy download link
  • Part 8: Financing - A focus on not-for-profit development organisations   (R 60.00) (Out of print) FREE : Electronic copy download link
  • Part 9: People in Organisations - Managing the life cycle of a person in an organisation   (R 60.00)
  • Part 10: Learning for Change - Building learning in organisations (Out of print) FREE : Electronic copy download link
  • Part 11: Forming Teams - Choosing and forming teams in an organisation   (R 60.00)
  • Part 12: Developing Teams - Ideas and activities for developing teams in an organisation   (R 60.00)
  • Part 13: The End of Organisation - Facing closure   (R 60.00)

Other Publications:

  • Holding up the Sky   (R 44.00)
  • Learning to Train   (R 44.00)
  • Good Governance   (R 44.00)
  • Financial Management for Self-Reliance   (R 22.00)

Download more information about each publication here and an Order Form here.

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